Eco-friendly Cat Litter from
Upcycled Coffee Grounds

Alfred Medics

Alfred Medics make products that quickly absorb blood and water 
using eco-friendly materials.

✓Fast Absorption

✓ Eco-friendly Product

✓  Effective Odor Control 

Water and blood on the floor of a hospital (emergency room) can create 
a hazardous and unpleasant environment for patients and staff.

Inspired by cat litter, Our team have developed a hospital product 
that effectively absorbs liquid(moisture) and eliminates odors.

Our Mission

Our mission at Alfred Pets is to foster a harmonious companionship between pet owners,

 their beloved pets, and the earth. 

With sustainability as our core value, 

we develop products for pet owners 

that not only nurture your bond with your pets,

 but actively help to protect the earth.e understand 

and create products based on your needs 

to provide the best solution

For cat, For you, For Planet

We only use natural ingredients to our product

We care to you and your kitties as much as we care to planet earth

Photo of product absorbing water

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